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Did You Know? Prettiest Village in Ireland

ireland Prettiest TownAdare, renowned as one of Ireland’s prettiest villages, was founded in the 13th century as a strategic location and market town on the Maigue River. The original town was located north of the Maigue but was destroyed during the wars in the 16th century.

Between 1824 and 1850, Edwin Richard Wyndham-Quin, 3rd Earl of Dunraven, designed the beautiful streets of Adare as we see them today. The Earl built Adare Manor and village houses which were rented to the tenants working on the Earl’s lands. With its thatched roofed cottages and monasteries, Adare is rich in history and beauty. It was designated as a heritage town by the Irish government. 

Thatched roofed cottages are another iconic image of Ireland. Adare is known for its beautiful thatched cottages. The walls were built with locally sourced stones pieced together by the interlocking method and then covered with a mud plaster before being whitewashed. The cottages were usually built with front and back doors oriented north and south and with few windows helping the interior of the cottages to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Burning turf in these small cottages could make the interior very smoky. But one of the main reasons for the limited number of windows was the infamous “window tax” imposed by the British government from 1799 to 1851. Any homeowner with more than six openings was taxed. This tax became known as the “typhus tax” because the poor air quality in these thatched cottages increased the incidence of respiratory problems.
Many of the original cottages have survived for hundreds of years although some of these historic cottages with lost in the fire of 2015. Today, some of the cottages are local restaurants and crafts shops, but many are still privately owned.

Join Tour Host, Jo-Anne Tinlin, and her group when they visit the beautiful village of Adare with its thatched cottages and ancient monasteries in July 2019 on The Travel Broker's "Exploring Ireland Coast to Coast" tour. Everyone is welcome. 

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